Nov 21 – @ajonesfit

Today, I am featuring Amanda Jones of @ajonesfit. Amanda is a personal trainer here in Kelowna. Let me tell you, there are a lot of personal trainers here. What differentiates Amanda is that she is not in your face or super flashy. Working out can be super intimidating but Amanda’s social channels don’t come across as intimidating or braggy. My favorite practice of hers is that she encourages her clients to not deprive themselves of food, cause let’s be real, diet is the hardest part of fitness! Check her out.

My name is Amanda Jones and my business is Amanda Jones Fitness. You can connect with me on Instagram and my website.

I follow @jennaswetlikoff to learn about new (and existing) local spots in Kelowna.

My business is about helping people reach their fitness, nutrition and weight loss goals, while not depriving themselves. I encourage clients to eat foods they enjoy and to live a balanced life.

I use Instagram because Instagram is a great tool to showcase your achievements and accomplishments. It has helped me launch my personal training business, reach new clients, and keep people motivated and inspired to become their best selves.

My favorite Instagram accounts to follow are @jillian.harris, @fraichenutrition, @okanaganlifestyle, and @taychayy.

There are so many personal trainers and online coaches. To stand out with my business, I put the time and effort into every single plan. I don’t deprive my clients with their food choices and believe that moderation is extremely important. Anybody can go online and find free programs but those programs aren’t customized to your body type, lifestyle, height or weight. I take on minimal clients to ensure each individual has my support and guidance from beginning to end.

My 5-year goal with my business is that I hope to be able to help as many people as I can. I want to be able to help with their health and fitness goals, to become confident and become the best person they can be, both physically and mentally. I hope to educate others on the importance of balance and moderation. And most importantly, encourage that you don’t need to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. Life is meant to be lived.

The most important part of my business journey so far has been ensuring my clients are successful in both the mental and physical aspects of their lives. That is why living a balanced life is so important as mental health and sanity is the priority. It is so wonderful seeing people succeed, become more confident in themselves and find a passion in working out and exercising.

To push through the worst times, I’ve learned to just shake it off and keep going. We all go through things in life (despite what social media shows), and the best thing to do is surround yourself with people that love and support you. I believe that things happen for a reason and if something doesn’t work out, something better is ahead.

I would love to nominate @fiitwith.nic, the owner of New Wave Fitness, to be featured on StuffwithSvet.

Thank you for having me on the Who’s Out There? SERIES!!!

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