7 tips for getting out of a rut

Do you sometimes feel unmotivated? Overwhelmed? Uninspired? We all get into a rut from time to time so below, I’m sharing my 7 tips for getting out of a rut!

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1. Change your environment

-re-arrange your work space

-get outside

-work in a different space. If you’re working at home, try working somewhere else like a coffee shop.

-if you’re in a distracted space, go somewhere quieter

-if you’re in a space that is cluttered and messy, clean it up

2. Remember what your “why” is

-sometimes reflecting why you’re doing what you’re doing will re-excite you

-ask yourself what gives you purpose

-what lights the fire in you?

3. Take a break

-sometimes you just have to take a break from what you’re doing. Whether that’s an hour, a weekend, or even just needing a night to sleep on it. Then when you look at it the next time, the spark will come back!

how to get out of a rut

4. Normalizing that it’s okay to be in a rut

-sometimes we get into denial of things that are happening or what we’re feeling. It’s perfectly okay to admit to ourselves that we’re in a rut and that it’s normal.

-recognizing that everybody goes through times like this and you’re not alone

5. Start with small goals

-it can be very overwhelming to look at the big end goal or the big picture

-start with small goals or baby steps and work your way through them

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6. Time block

-this piggy backs the last point. If you’re overwhelming yourself, time block each and every task so you know you have enough time to do everything on your to-do list.

-for example, time blocking a weekly meeting with yourself to make sure you’re on task with everything you’re supposed to be doing

7. Prioritize

-sometimes when you have a big to-do list, it feels like you’ll never get it done. Pick the tasks that are absolutely necessary to be done and start with those.

-the secondary tasks you can finish at another time

Do you have any tips that you use to get you out of a rut? Let me know!

-Jenna xoxo

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