The #1 Blogging Mistake

I am sharing this piece of information because I only started implementing this marketing strategy a year and a half ago and it’s been a huge game changer!

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So what is the biggest blogging mistake? Not using Pinterest.

Yes! Pinterest! You might be rolling your eyes at me and say that you’re not into Pinterest. I get it, I’m not either! It can be overwhelming. So why use it???

It drives traffic to your website!

  • Pinterest has over 444 million monthly active users worldwide
  • People use Pinterest as a search engine
  • Pinterest drives traffic to your blog
  • The lifespan of a pin on average is three months and can last up to a year!
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So how do you start Pinterest? Here are my tips:

-First things first. Are you following me on Pinterest? I’m there under my username @jennaswetlikoff. Let’s connect!

-Have a great profile picture of yourself and a description mentioning your niche/focus.

-Go on your website and pull all your blog content and make them into pins. You want to create high quality content. The app that we use is Canva! It is so easy and it’s free. You want to create a consistent look and Canva makes it simple. It also always helps to have brand colours to keep that consistent look!

-When writing a title for your pins, make it catchy! Solve a problem or provide some important info. You want to grab your user’s attention.

-You can create multiple pins for one piece of content. Do this by using different photos, different titles, and different templates. A certain type of color or template may catch somebody else’s eye. See how I do it here.

-Find the right key words. The best way to do this is to go to the search bar on Pinterest and start typing. The results that pop are things that people are searching for. This way, you can optimize your pins with keywords. “10 ways to do this….” “my guide to…” “my secret…” etc.

-Remember, patience is key here. If you have never posted on Pinterest and start posting for the first time, you won’t see crazy engagement or traffic tomorrow. It definitely can take some time. I think it probably took me six months or longer to see some serious traffic. But don’t worry, it’ll come!

-Analyze your analytics every month. Which pins are doing the best? Which aren’t? Keep pinning the pieces of content that do well!

-Implement auto posting! We use Tailwind over here on This is what my assistant uses to automate pinning for my Pinterest so that we don’t always have to be logging on.

-Follow others that are in your niche and create your own group boards! Like other social platforms, engagement is key.

-Don’t get hung up on your follower count! With Pinterest, it’s not necessarily about having a lot of followers. If you have checked out my Pinterest, you’ll see I have under 30 lol! It doesn’t sound very impressive but it doesn’t take away from the traffic I get to my site. Another note I’ll mention is to not be thrown off by that big giant number called monthly users. If somebody’s Pinterest says they have 3 million monthly views, that doesn’t mean 3 million people are actually visiting their site.

There we have it! If you don’t have Pinterest you NEED to get it. Happy pinning!

-Jenna xoxo

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