Where to Find Good Pasta in Kelowna

Have you every met anybody that doesn’t love pasta? Me either!

kelowna italian restaurants

So why do people love it so much?! For starters, the food in Italy is literal heaven. There’s over 500 different shapes of pasta including cacio e pepe, gnocchi, amatriciana, and much more! It’s also the ultimate comfort food and incredibly versatile. It can be paired with a great sauce, meat, vegetables, cheese, incorporated as a side, and more!

Kelowna has a variety of Italian restaurants to choose from. In this blog, I’ve listed my four go-to spots, all that have AMAZING pasta. Sooo…

What makes pasta good:

The texture – not too mushy and not under cooked – the pasta needs to be cooked to perfection. You don’t want pasta that is crunchy, but not soggy either.

Fresh homemade noodles – this can be hard to come by. But preferably home made noodles is best.

The sauce or accompaniments – what is it served with? Is it packed with vegetables and meat or is it simple with a sauce. 

Again, home made sauce is where it’s at. Nothing is worse than ordering pasta and eating a sauce straight from the jar.


Roma Nord Bistro

If you want a taste of Italy, you have to try Roma Nord Bistro. 

Roma Nord Bistro just opened this last year at The Rotary Centre for the Arts. It’s owned by wife and husband duo, Angela + Danilo who moved to Canada from Europe. What makes their restaurant different is that their dishes use very little ingredients – typically 3-4 ingredients per dish making the flavours speak for themselves. Their gnocchi for example is made of organic potatoes, organic eggs, and 00 flour from Italy. Simplicity at its finest! I haven’t established a favourite dish yet, but it’s worth noting that their tiramisu is also to die-for.

kelowna italian restaurant

Pane Vino

If you’re out in the Oyama area, be sure to check out the adorable Italian spot called Pane Vino. Although more known for the wood fire pizza, they also offer a couple of delicious pasta dishes as well. They rotate their pastas so I always try whatever they have. Last time I had a delightful pesto pasta as pictured below. In the summertime, I highly recommend sitting outside on their patio. By the time late August/September rolls around, it’s covered in vines and literally feels like you are sitting in Venice.

kelowna pasta

Mamma Rosa’s Restaurant

Mama Rosa’s for me is my childhood, OG restaurant that I go to. It’s been a staple in Downtown Kelowna for a very long time. 

It’s the epitome of home style, comfort food in a cozy warm traditional-themed establishment. My favourite dish is the same one I’ve been getting for YEARS which is their penne arrabbiata. Penne noodles with a spicy sauce made from garlic and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.

kelowna pasta

The Fixx Cafe & Pasta Bar

The Fixx Cafe is a cute little pasta bar in the Lower Mission. I recommend making a reservation as it is a smaller restaurant but very cozy and quaint with an open kitchen! They also have more seating on their patio which is equipped with heaters making the perfect romantic evening. Their menu has a variety of pastas to choose from with my personal favorites being the West Coast Scallops and Usual Suspects. If you’re looking for pasta with more substance, definitely check this place out!

kelowna italian food

These are some of MY favourites in Kelowna but would love to know some of your favourite places to find Italian food!

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-Jenna xoxo

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